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Health & Safety - Ft for purpose (2016)

Terrafirma Training is delighted with the feedback we’ve had from the Civil Defence’s approved driving instructors (ADI’s). We’ve just finished the first phase of training in 4×4 off road driving (professional) and both Kevin and Thomas (TFT’s instructors) have been impressed with the level of professionalism within the Civil Defence.

A core part of this course and a generic part of any of our vehicle-based training courses at Millbrook Off Road Centre entails health & safety, risk and route assessment. The key to safe, professional off road driving is summed up in TFT’s mantra of; “professional off road driving is about getting from A to B without; (a) injuring yourself or others, (b) damaging your vehicle or equipment and (c) damaging the environment.” We at TFT adhere to the “tread lightly” approach.

This has proved to be totally fit for purpose for Civil Defence’s needs, in that it is structured to highlight not only the vehicle and equipment capability, but also; more importantly, the operator’s own abilities.

Carrying out a risk assessment for the task involved and subsequently, a route assessment, not only fulfils health & safety requirements for any task that Civil Defence may undertake, but ensures the safety of any Civil Defence personnel involved in the task, whether it be assisting at your local “point to point” or to a full-blown emergency.

The course also covers vehicle recovery and winching, but these tasks are covered in more depth on our accredited 2-day specialist Health and Safety and Risk Management in Winching course.

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