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Terrafirma training, Appointed as Land trainer awards (Lantra) technical verifier for UK/Ireland

Terrafirma Training (TFT) is delighted to announce the appointment of Kevin Jones, TFT ‘s co-director and instructor, as a Land Training Awards (Lantra) Technical Verifier for the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK within the skill-sets of: 4×4 off-road driving, all-terrain vehicles (ATV) sit-astride and sit-aside, general winching theory and practical, and off-road trailer handling.

Lantra is the main training and accreditation body for over 600 agricultural and vehicle-based training courses throughout the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom and worldwide.

Kevin’s new role as technical verifier will see him responsible for the skills assessment of new applicants wishing to become a Lantra instructors which will see him undertaking the training and assessment of successful Lantra applicants, rolling out product development plans for new and existing instructors, keeping abreast of new legislation and industry best practice, providing guidance, industry expertise, support and guidance on training awards and instruction matters to instructors.

This new appointment runs alongside and complements Kevin’s role as one of only two (the other one being Thomas Greene co-director and instructor at TFT) City & Guilds assessors, Level 3, within the island of Ireland within their chosen skill-set.

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