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UTV Water training

UTV Side by Side – Experienced Operator – One Day

Course details 
  • Title: Side-by-side UTV’s, experienced operator

  • Product Code:

  • Type:Training Course – Lantra – equivalent to QQI Level 5

  • Duration: 1 Day


UTV riders can find themselves in a potentially dangerous situation, and without the proper training serious accidents can occur.

Who is it for?

Our side-by-side UTV’s – including loads and trailed equipment course is for anyone who uses a side-by-side UTV as part of their work. This one-day course is for learners with experience.

What will you get from it?
  • Comply with legal requirements with an emphasis on safe best practice.

  • Identify the risks associated with using a sit-astride UTV.

  • Select and use appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

  • Understand the main causes of accidents.

  • Identify the controls and components.

  • Understand the function of all instruments.

  • Carry out daily checks as indicated in the operator’s manual.

  • Carry out appropriate pre-start checks.

  • Identify and report any faults.

  • Start up and drive over a variety of terrain and ground conditions.

  • Carry out a ‘failed hill’ climb.

  • Carry out a risk assessment and plan the route.

  • Operate the sit-astride UTV safely on a variety of slopes and terrain.

  • Identify loading/towing capacities.

  • Drive with loads and trailed equipment.

  • Load and secure for transport on the road (if appropriate).

  • Understand legal and practical requirements for travelling on the public road.

  • Identify track profile and weight transfer.

  • Load and unload machine from trailer/lorry.

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