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(From November 2023 regulation will come into force in ROI with regards to ATVs. All users of ATVs will be required to undertake training to an accredited recognised standard of QQI Level 5.  (This course meets the required standard.)

ATVs are very versatile vehicles with a range of attachments including trailers, sprayers and spreaders, making them an effective working tool. However, even the most experienced ATV operatives can find themselves in a potentially dangerous situation and, without the correct training, serious accidents can happen. Our ATV courses have experienced instructors who will guide you through the training to ensure you can operate safely and with confidence and that the key fundamentals of driving, loading and health & safety are covered. Once the course has been completed and passed you will receive an accredited certificate of training in ATV’s, including loads and trailered equipment, Lantra accredited (QQI Level 5)

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