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winch training for boats, 4x4's and trailers

Winch Operations for Boat, Trailer & Winch-Equipped 4×4 – One Day

Course details 
  • Title: Winch Op Boat/Slipway

  • Product Code: TFT_Boat_Slip

  • Type: Training Course – TFT Certificate of Competence

  • Duration: 1 day


This course enables the trainee/operator to understand the principles of winching operations for the launch/retrieval of a boat via a slip-way.  To realise the possible hazards and health & safety & risk management and assess a suitable method of winching the trailer and boat down/up a slip-way, alleviating the problem of a 4×4 having to operate off the slope of the slip-way.

Who is it for?

Any person launching/retrieving a boat via a slip-way.

What will you get from it?
  • Identify health & safety requirements and be able to carry out a risk assessment before using a vehicle-mounted winch and associated equipment for launch/retrieval of boat and trailer.

  • Recognise and understand safe working practices for winching.

  • Prepare for and carry out a winching operation safely, including correct use of associated equipment and snatch blocks.

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